Lappy 486 details

42 lbs. weight or lighter

2 or 5 MB Hard Drive

"Several" Colour Monitor (Likely 256 colours)

5 Min. Battery Life

512k RAM

Wireless Internet Connection

590x360 px screen res. (guess)

Screen Ratio: 1.67:1 (W:H) or 5:3, as opposed to a normal screen of 1.3:1 (4:3), a high-definition screen of 1.78:1 (16:9), and a widescreen of 1.85:1

An Undelete Feature (As seen in SBCG4AP)

Operating System: In an interview with Strong Bad on The Screen Savers, Strong Bad states that his computer runs on an operating system known as "2S-point-Cynics 5, The Upgrade". The spelling of this was guessed, so it is not completely accurate.

In addition to the usual DELETED! feature, the Lappy could also flash a "DO OVER!!" screen with an explosion effect, as seen in do over.

It utilized a more modern email client that included a subject line, a reply panel, and the following easy-access buttons: Reply, Forward, Delete, Save, Computer, and Image. (Delete, Save, Computer, and Image are usually hidden behind Strong Bad's head.) However, all of it would disappear after Strong Bad would clear the screen to continue typing.

The number of colors present suggest that the Lappy 486 uses at least a VGA display.

Some of the programs Strong Bad has on the Lappy 486, most of which are started by typing the filename only after the prompt:

"The Lappy 486, By Compy."

( Details from Homestar Runner ( and its fan-wiki ( )